Head Strong

Quartz is actually harder than granite and thus, more durable

More Durable

More durable than natural stones and less susceptible to chipping

Low Maintenance:

Unlike granite, you do not need annual resealing to maintain your countertops due to quartz's nonporous nature

Wide Variety

As it is manmade, engineered quartz colors can look any color. The most popular quartz colors are neutrals in white, black, beige, grey and brown.

Scratch Resistant

Yes, quartz is very scratch resistant and compares well to granite.

Stain Resistant

Quartz's non-porous nature allows it to resist staining much better than granite, marble and concrete

About Us

SK Group is one of the pioneers in processing & exporting Natural Stones since 3 decades.

Executive Summary

Started in 1996, SK stretched its wings into :

  • Processing facility for Granite Slabs in Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Warehouse near Bangalore, to cater to the growing needs of Indian market.
  • Stone Skineers processing near Jaipur
  • Granite Quarries

Product range includes Slabs / Tiles of Granite, Marble, Quartz, Sandstone, Slate, Limestone, Quartzite & Stone mosaics - A one-stop solution for all Natural stone needs!! To fill the basket with the current trend of the Global Market, setting up SKETCH QUARTZ – the Engineered Quartz Slabs processing facility. State-of-the-art Machinery includes Pressing Line from Venito and BRETON Finishing Line to give perfect edge to the product quality. Trial production is expected to start by mid April, 2023.

Thanks to the SK Team that has left no stone unturned.